Find Farmermaid Flowers at a store or Farmers Market near you.

A note about seasonality: Farmermaid Flowers are grown with minimal season extension technology, which means that no fossil fuels are used to provide artificial lighting or heating in order to produce flowers at a time when they would not normally be blooming in nature.  For this reason, our flower season is weather-dependent and runs from roughly the end of February to some time in November.  Dried flowers are available (until they sell out) in the off-season.

Farmers Markets

Find Farmermaid Flowers at farmers markets from

March – November (dried flowers and wreaths in December):

Grocery Stores

When in season, look for Farmermaid Flowers at the following stores.
If you don’t see them, just ask!

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Bouquet Subscriptions

Weekly Flower Subscriptions are available for pick-up or delivery to your home or office.  

Having fresh flowers on your table is a beautiful way to connect with the natural beauty that surrounds us, mark the passage of time, and witness changing colors, textures, and fragrances as we make our journey through the seasons of the year.  Some flowers are long-lasting, and some are more ephemeral, but they each have their own type of beauty, and this is a wonderful way to experience it.  

Each week, you’ll receive fresh, premium flowers, professionally designed by the Farmermaid Flowers team. 

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Wholesale & Bulk Orders

For both Wholesale and Retail customers, the ordering process is basically the same. Simply click the link below to create an account through Rooted Farmers, where you can see live availability and place an order up to two weeks in advance of your pick-up date. 

If you’re a local florist or retailer in the business of selling flowers and you hold a valid California Seller’s Permit, you are eligible to apply for wholesale pricing, and can create a wholesale account

If you’re looking for Bulk Blooms and Foliage for your wedding or event, be sure to read about DIY Wedding Flowers first.

Either way, click below to make your Rooted Farmers account, see what’s blooming now, and place your first order! 

Farmers market bouquet.
Example of flower subscription bouquet
Farmers market bouquet.