Full-Service Florals

Custom Floral Design Services / Delivery / Installation

With Full-Service Florals, the Farmermaid Flowers team handles it all, from design consultations to delivery and installation.  

This is the option to choose if you’ll be wanting large floral arrangements that need to be created on-site, such as chandeliers, fabric draping for an arch or barn doors, and/or large-scale ceremony arrangements. 

Note: we also offer Á la Carte options for ceremony arrangements that do not require on-site florist installation. 

For Full Service Floral Packages:
  • In-person consultations are available by appointment.
  • The minimum floral order is $4000, before taxes and fees.
  • If that’s more than you want to spend, it’s ok. We can still be friends. Check out the À la Carte offerings and DIY Florals.  
  • A non-refundable Retainer Fee of $250 , and a non-transferrable, non-refundable Booking Fee of $55 is required to reserve your date.
  • Mock-ups and venue site visits are available at an additional cost for materials, labor and travel time.
  • Draping services are available for barn doors, arches, etc.
Bridal bouquet.
A la carte florals
À La Carte Florals

The budget-friendly, flexible option for couples who want the creative guidance of a design consultation and some professionally designed arrangements, but can handle the set-up & installation themselves.

DIY Florals
DIY Florals

Our Bulk blooms & foliage are a true DIY option if you’d like full creative control, have a background in floral design, or want to keep costs down.

Centerpiece arrangement.
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