Farmermaid Flowers Subscriptions

For fresh, premium Flowermaid flowers every month or quarter,
sign up for a flower subscription and bring color, fragrance, and joy into your home.

Having fresh flowers on your table is a beautiful way to connect with the natural beauty that surrounds us, mark the passage of time, and witness changing colors, textures, and fragrances as we make our journey through the seasons of the year.  Some flowers are long-lasting, and some are more ephemeral, but they each have their own type of beauty, and this is a wonderful way to experience it.  

Weekly Flower Subscriptions are available for pick-up or delivery to your home or office.  You can sign up for one month at a time, or for the full season. Each week, you’ll receive either a vase arrangement or a wrapped bouquet of fresh, premium flowers, professionally designed by the Farmermaid team. 

If you’ll be out of town during one of the weeks of your subscription, you can let a friend know that they can receive your flowers for the week, or we can donate the value of that arrangement to a local womens’ shelter.  

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    Example of flower subscription bouquet
    Example of flower subscription bouquet
    Example of flower subscription bouquet