Meet Courtney,

the Farmermaid.

She’s part Farmer, part Mermaid, and 100% legit.


When she’s not knee-deep in compost, she’s either gliding along a knee-high wave on her longboard, or mowing down her knee-high covercrop on the tractor.

Farming Practices

Courtney has an academic background in Sustainable Agriculture & Plant Biology and has been farming organically since 2005. She currently farms in a magical little canyon nestled in the hills above Morro Bay. Clean water, healthy soil and rich biodiversity are her top priorities, and while she pours her sweat, blood and tears (literally, all three) into the farm, she certainly does not pour out any toxic chemicals or spray any pesticides.  Both a farmer and a mermaid, she is perfectly at home on the Central Coast, and grows flowers equally suited to our unique niche.

Design Aesthetic

Inspired by the raw, untamed beauty of the Central Coast, and the movement and elegance of the ocean, she creates loose, organic arrangements that can take your breath away.  She views flowers as an artistic medium, but she approaches them as a Botanist and cultivates them as a Farmer.  To Courtney, choosing what to plant is like growing her own set of art supplies that she gets to use, and share with the community, all season long.

Community Connections

Courtney has a spiritual connection to all that she cultivates and sustains, and feels deeply honored when her work can help people to communicate the love they have for one another, bless a new birth, or honor a life that has passed.  When she has extra flowers, she likes to bring them to places where there are people in need of a little extra love and sunshine, like the local Women’s Shelters, for example, because, let’s face it, there are a lot of jerks in this world, and we all just need more love.

Got a question for Courtney? You can contact her here.